Killer Smoked Bologna (easy)

Humble meat turned into a great smoky treat!

A lot of people often scorn the defenseless bologna for it’s cheapness and ‘questionable’ cuts of meat and by-products, but here’s the thing: IT IS AWESOME IN YOUR MOUTH!! It’s even awesome-er after it’s been in a smoker for a few hours, dancing in a nice homemade rub and swimming in a glaze.

So here’s how you go about fixin something that ain’t broke…

Holy Smokey Baloney!


-A big ole loaf of Bologna (you can call it Mortadella, if you’re feelin fancy. )

-Tons of your favourite Spice Rub.

-Your favourite BBQ sauce.



Take that big ole loaf of bologna and skin it. Now, grab a small paring knife and score the sides in a diamond-like pattern about 1-2cm deep. It should look like a meat pineapple.

Pull out the spice rub and dress the meat pineapple up, maker ‘er pretty and covered up like a fine southern belle. Dig in the nooks and crannies, get that spice in there.

Start up the smoker, warm it up to around 225-250F. If ya wanna use the grill, go for it; just heat indirectly at the same temperature.

Once the smoker/grill is up to temperature, which should take a few minutes, re-season the meat pineapple since it will have absorbed some of the rub already.

Plop it on in the smoker/grill, close the lid and find a nice spot to nap (I like the couch). It’s gonna take a while…minimum 2hrs/ maximum of 6, depending just how long you can hold back the extreme hunger created by smokey baloney meat.

So about half way you’re gonna want to add some sauce to the mix. Ya don’t wanna dry out the meat pineapple. Open up a beer, you don’t wanna dry up either, do ya?

Once the meat pineapple looks like a smokey Leaning Tower of Pisa, take it out for the heat and let it rest for about 10 mins. Slice into THICK slices.* This goes great with toasted homemade bread, mustard and a good ole fashioned domestic brew. Nothing too fancy, it is bologna after all…Enjoy!

Sliced. THICK!!!

*( I seriously mistrust anybody who slices bologna thinly and am convinced that they are also responsible for the disappearance of Extreme Buffalo Wing chips during the mid 90’s here in Canada; but that’s a whole other story.)


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